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I face this issue in small businesses that with OS X. I have yet to find a good solution other than disconnect and reconnect to grab the closer IP.


Make sure the hard drive is formatted correctly and working properly. Do this by plugging it into your computer first. If you plug it into a PC because you don't have a Mac and it works, then it's probably formatted NTFS. This is bad because Airport Extreme can't read NTFS, and PC's can't format HFS+. You could reformat it as FAT32 but you will waste a lot ...


To get the drive mounted at login, drag the mounted volume to the Login Items in System Preferences → Users & Groups for the user that you want the volume auto mounting. To set the permissions, Get Info (⌘I) on the drive and set the permissions in the Sharing & Permissions section.


On the Apple TV , Go to Settings: Airplay: Speakers:.....you should see your airport express as an option for wireless audio out


I get the same results. Only 4 clients receive an IP from the the main AP. Seems to be an undocumented hard limit on the Express when in client / proxysta mode


the article currently titled "AirPort Utility 6.x: Set NAT options for your base station or AirPort Time Capsule" and currently available at http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5103 has: To set NAT options, your base station or AirPort Time Capsule must be set up to share its Internet connection using DHCP and NAT. Open AirPort Utility, located in the ...


You want to make sure that your Mac's ethernet device is before the wifi device in the system's network service order. In System Preferences, Go to Network; under the device listing, click the 'gear' icon and select 'Set Service Order.' Drag 'Ethernet' to the top. Per my understanding, all traffic will attempt to be routed through the top-most device, and ...


It is not a problem and it does not search for network unless you prompt it to. Only if you click the AirPort menu bar item to look at the list of networks will it start searching to show you what is out there, since it rightly so assumes you wanted to search for networks.

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