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I have struggled with a similar issue for about a year now. Under the veil of secrecy, I think that airplay is a solid protocol. I use an AT&T Arris Gateway for a DHCP server with an Airport Express as a LAN node. Here's what seems to have solved my problem: Deep inside the configuration pages for my Arris router (Firewall > Advanced) I found a "Flood ...


My AirPort Wireless card was broken Turns out a spider crawled into my computer, nested itself under the wireless card, and died in direct contact with the wireless card. Go figure. The guy who looked at it said there was water damage (ew), and, after disabling the wireless card (software-wise), my crashes stopped as well. The crashes were the main reason ...


A simple solution is to go to the AirPlay tab in the device's settings panel and uncheck "Enable AirPlay," then update. This will kick everyone off. Wait for it to come back, then re-enable.

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