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Yes. It's now quite easy to do so using Quicktime. Connect both phones to the computer using a USB -> Lightning cable. Open QuickTime Player. Choose File -> New Movie Recording twice. Choose a given phone to mirror for each of the windows. Move the windows around as you see fit!


You can disable the icon in the menu bar by ⌘-dragging it off the menu bar, which unchecks the option in System Preferences → Displays entitled "Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available". Should you wish to use the menu bar item, you can check this box again, or just use the AirPlay Display dropdown in System Preferences → Displays to connect ...


I'm assuming you're talking about AirPlay Screen Mirroring from a Mac to an Apple TV. In that case, yes, you are loosing signal quality from compression-before-transmission and decompression-after-reception. In particular, the audio part of the AirPlay Screen Mirroring is compressed using the AAC-ELD codec to ensure low-latency sound encoding. However, ...

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