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Use Shou screen recorder, no need jailbreak, download from https://shou.tv/ios


Hey we are a young Cupertino based start-up and we wanted you to take a look at our product Prijector. We are Airplay for all your devices and works very well for presenting wirelessly inside conference rooms. Please do check us out at https://prijector. com


I had a very similar issue, the subnet masks matched, and both my apple tv (gen 1) and my macbook pro (non-retina) were connected to the same network, same subnet, etc... But, I could not airplay from my mac to my apple tv. I could sync the apple tv, sharing or not sharing photos.... I reset the network on the apple tv (chose the same network, reentered the ...


I currently have 5 units working on airplay. There is no delay on sound between rooms. I have: 3 older airport Express 1 new 2nd Gen 1 apple TV The only thing I had to do was upgrade the Network card in the PC to 10/100/1000 and buy a gigabit switch. Although the units themselves are only 10/100 the PC will not run them all with a 10/100 card. It drops ...


You can remotely use your Mac through Chrome on your iPad, free and clean.


Apple will support it natively in Safari from El Capitan!! (only with HTML5+) http://www.apple.com/osx/elcapitan-preview/


Proprietary: AirServer - audio and streaming, Mac/Windows, $15 Reflector - audio and streaming, Mac/Windows/Android, $15 AirFoil - audio only, Mac/Windows/Linux, $30 for Mac/Win, $40 for both, free for linux Open Source: casualShare audio and streaming, Java + NodeJS, open source AirStream (Ruby) - audio and streaming, source only Kodi - formerly XBMC, ...

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