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In the link you showed, it states that WiFi signal will be disabled for the AE, providing only ethernet conection to a device wired into the AE. Let's say it would only saves you from installing a long ethernet wire, but it is not an active part of your wifi network for other devices other than the phisically conected. So, your wifi devices will not be able ...


We have a similar setup at our school, approx. 1300 students and an Apple TV in every room, most of which are connected to Dell projectors and Promethean interactive whiteboards. Like your setup, our ATVs connect via Ethernet. And yes, we've had our fair share of teething troubles since adopting Apple equipment in 2012, particularly with dropped ...


I eventually tracked this down to the behaviour of one of my Powerline adapters, specifically a TP-Link TL-WPA4220. For whatever reason, multicast traffic does not appear to correctly pass through the WiFi on this device, even with the latest firmware. TP-Link have a related technical note on this, but it doesn't seem to apply to my particular device. In ...


Now that Yosemite and iOS 8 are out, there's a built-in way to do this via a wired connection.


Well, What you see in the image is simple - It's a controller for the free game called MetalStorm. You could follow this article on "Creating a dual-screen experience for iOS and Apple TV" and look deeper into the Apple developer website about Airplay SDK and Multi Display Programming, where-in you would be able to find information about creating such a ...


If your MBP is early 2011 or newer and there's an Apple TV on the same wifi network as you, you should see an icon that looks like a TV in the menu bar. Click it and you'll get a dropdown menu listing all the available Apple TVs (in case there's more than one). Click yours and you should be good to go! If your MBP is older than early 2011, you'll need a ...


Try ending all running applications, it should go away. It's most probably because u have 2 music applications on. Hope this helps cheers ;)

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