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Unfortunately not; Not without using another router with network Access Control Lists (ACL). Airport's Timed Access Control rejects all connection attempts to the access point from selected device based on it's MAC address. It doesn't give you any options for more granular Access Level Control in order to specify network resources the device will have ...


Just came looking to see if I could use Airplay, as it would be very convenient to be able to stream from any of my devices. However, I have been using medialink for years, using my mac mini as a media server. It had some troubles when it first came out, but in recent years I've found it extremely reliable, quality is excellent for all definitions.


Here's what I did to rename the Computer label in the list of available AirPlay speakers in iTunes. In Finder, go to your Applications folder. Hold the control button and click on the iTunes icon. You'll get a pop-up menu. Choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. You should now see a Contents folder in your Finder window. Use Finder to navigate ...


You have many ways to do this, but the easiest or simplest way to do this would be to mirror your whole display to the apple TV using the icon in your status bar, if you already have air play mirroring set up. If you don't have it set up go to system preferences > display and there should be an option in your lower left-hand corner. Unlike in iOS, airplay ...

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