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Facebook updated its chat system, breaking Adium's support. You can still connect to Facebook but you need to setup the account as a Jabber account. Your username will be Your_Facebook_Username@chat.facebook.com. The server is chat.facebook.com. The port is 5222 and you should not use SSL.


Adium 1.5 doesn't support using SASL for IRC. That will be added in 1.6: https://trac.adium.im/ticket/14478. In 1.6, there will be a checkbox to activate SASL. When that is activated, the password field is treated as the SASL password. The following build can be used successfully: Adium_1.6hgr5915.dmg And this guide may help if you have question using it ...


A SIPE plugin is under development. Here's a link to an Adium plugin binary: dropbox And here's the link to the Adium issue tracking system so you can follow progress: trac.adium.com Looks like a number of people are interested and development is active. See comment 144 for plugin installation instructions.


You can do the following to make it a little bit harder to quit Adium by accident. I think this should solve your problem. Start by opening System Preferences > Keyboard. Click Keyboard Shortcuts in the pillbox above. Make sure you have Application Shortcuts selected in the left bar. Click the + button to add a new shortcut. Select Adium from the ...


Yes. Under Preferences -> General, uncheck the box called 'Create new chats in tabs' as on the screenshot below.


I am using Adium 1.5.8 with SIPE Plugin 1.17.0 on Mac 10.8.5 Remove previous version of Adium installed on your mac. Copy SIPE Plugin to ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns Restart Adium and account creation should list "Office Communicator"


Officially you cannot use third party clients for connecting to AIM with iCloud account. It seems that the protocol is the same, but authentication is different. AOL/Apple changed the authentication method for new iCloud accounts. This will have to be fixed in libpurple before it'll work again in Adium. This quote is from this board. Try using a ...


That behavior is determined by the settings in the Status pane of Adium preferences. Specifically, it's determined by the "When Screen Saver is activated, set:" preference. Check to make sure that's not set to "Offline".


With regards to Borderlands 2, there is a thread on the Steam Community with a similar crash log, and the solution appears to be updating to Mavericks, with a few people confirming it worked for them.


In Adium: Right click on one of the contacts, and use "Initiate Multiuser Chat with (name)@gmail.com" You should now join a group chat yourself, and an invitation will be send to that contact. Right click on the other contact, and select "Invite to Chat" → (The name of the private chat you created). Now the other contact gets an invitation they should ...


Try to disable the Skype plugin, it must be tempering with the way Adium handles URLs opening.

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