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If you use Time Machine, just open the Contacts app, and THEN go to Time Machine (Click on the menubar icon / Enter Time Machine) Once there, you can "travel in time" to an older date and find the missing contact. This is where you select the contact and click "Restore". You don't need to restore a folder or file, but the contact (in the Contacts app) ...


from my experience of just trying to recover those files with TimeMachine in Mavericks, the location in Mavericks appears to be incorrect.


If you have not only .abcdp files but the whole Library/Application Support/AddressBook backed up, just copy directory somewhere, add .abbu extension and open it (.abbu should be associated with Contacts.app). One downside is that it does not propose to merge contacts but to replace them.


The following AppleScript will export all the names and e-mail addresses from Contacts.app. It was written for OS X 10.9 but should work on older editions; you may need to change Contacts to Address Book to talk to the appropriate application: To use this AppleScript: Launch AppleScript Editor from Applications > Utilities Copy and paste the code below ...

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