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You cannot have more than one contact with the same name in your iPhone so it sounds like your iPhone is merging them together. Try adding a last name/nick name to have them as two separate contacts.


By nickname do you mean the short user name of the logged in user? Nickname seems to be only available in contacts and the user might not have set his contact card. You can get short user name by getting system info set _info to system info set _nickname to short user name of _info


I've managed to solve it quite o.k. tell application "Contacts" tell application "System Events" set theName to full name of current user end tell set theNick to nickname of person theName if theNick is not missing value then return theNick else return word 1 of theName end if end tell It would be better to ...


Login to https://icloud.com with your Apple ID and password Click on Contacts Search your contacts to check if the lost contact (from your iPhone) is here If yes, you can now restore that lost contact from iCloud easily.

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