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Unfortunately that's not possible. iCloud will auto-download books to Mac-any book you buy on your iPod will pop up on your Mac, and vice-versa. But no, you can't auto-delete books on Mac every time you do so on iPod. However, you can hide your iCloud-stored titles from appearing on the iBooks shelf. Select the "All Books" drop-down. Swipe the "Hide ...


I also do not use iCloud. My phone was so full (especially documents & data which seem impossible to delete without restoring the phone) that I ended up backing up my phone and restoring it to factory (with the new iOS8). Anyway, since iTunes won't let me pick and choose what I want to restore from the backup, I lost all my contacts. I went to my ...


Check this posting in the apple forums from 9/16/2014. It's possible to preserve group information as well. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4638825

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