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Twitter is injecting the promoted tweets into the stream. It's only a matter of time until they lean on every third-party app provider to stop filtering out the promoted tweets as this is how they're going to pay for the service. In the short-term you can use a different client but in the long term all signs point to you being forced to see promoted tweets ...


Try the Diigo Webbrowser. It recently added an Ad Blocking feature that's off by default.


If you have a jailbroken device, you can use the tweak "Adblocker" ($2) to block ads in Mobile Safari. It includes options for pre-defined blacklists and user-defined blacklists. Here's one blog post demonstrating the tweak and another one.


I've added this rule to the end of /Applications/Reeder.app/Contents/Resources/article.css: iframe[src*="feedads"], iframe[src*="doubleclick"], iframe[src*="plusone.google"], a[href*=".ads."], a[href*="feedads"], a[href*="feedburner"], a[href*="doubleclick"], a[href*="//ads."], a[href*="api.tweetmeme"], a[href*="delicious.com/post?"], ...


Use Privoxy as an ad-stripping proxy server on a Linux box such as the inexpensive Raspberry Pi featured in this article: http://kimondo.co.uk/raspberry-pi-as-an-adblock-server-for-ipad-iphone-android-and-anything-else-on-your-network/ I have tried this and it works well. (Obviously no jailbreaking is required for this solution).


iCab mobile contains an adblock-like filter mechanism


the easiest way to adblock on the iDevices is a modified DNS-server or a DNS-Resolver. For instance it is possible to modifie the hostfile or DNS-Entrys on your router. This will only work with wifi. i dont know if it is possible to modify your DNS server for 3G connection. i think it was possible via APN settings iin ios4/5. But with iOS6 i was not able to ...

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