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Twitter is injecting the promoted tweets into the stream. It's only a matter of time until they lean on every third-party app provider to stop filtering out the promoted tweets as this is how they're going to pay for the service. In the short-term you can use a different client but in the long term all signs point to you being forced to see promoted tweets ...


If you have a jailbroken device, you can use the tweak "Adblocker" ($2) to block ads in Mobile Safari. It includes options for pre-defined blacklists and user-defined blacklists. Here's one blog post demonstrating the tweak and another one.


I've added this rule to the end of /Applications/Reeder.app/Contents/Resources/article.css: iframe[src*="feedads"], iframe[src*="doubleclick"], iframe[src*="plusone.google"], a[href*=".ads."], a[href*="feedads"], a[href*="feedburner"], a[href*="doubleclick"], a[href*="//ads."], a[href*="api.tweetmeme"], a[href*="delicious.com/post?"], ...


Use Privoxy as an ad-stripping proxy server on a Linux box such as the inexpensive Raspberry Pi featured in this article: http://kimondo.co.uk/raspberry-pi-as-an-adblock-server-for-ipad-iphone-android-and-anything-else-on-your-network/ I have tried this and it works well. (Obviously no jailbreaking is required for this solution).


the easiest way to adblock on the iDevices is a modified DNS-server or a DNS-Resolver. For instance it is possible to modifie the hostfile or DNS-Entrys on your router. This will only work with wifi. i dont know if it is possible to modify your DNS server for 3G connection. i think it was possible via APN settings iin ios4/5. But with iOS6 i was not able to ...

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