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Attach your old village to a new Game Center account: Launch Game Center on your old device, create a new free account and login; while logged in, launch the game. If you get the "Welcome back, yourusername" message at the top of the screen, your village is now attached to your Game Center account! Load your village on the new device: Launch Game Center ...


You can set up distinctive signatures, and link different ones to each account [in Mail/Preferences/Signatures]. At one point I had an account that was being forwarded to me, but didn't have the capability to send outgoing emails. Kept getting errors when I would inadvertently just try to reply from that account. So I made a sig for it that was 36 pt ...


When you change countries, you will no longer receive app update notifications on your iOS device or in iTunes for the apps you purchased in your original country. However, you will still be able to download those applications again for free if they are present on your new country's store (even if they are updated). You will not be charged and the ...


Simply log in into iCloud Control Panel on your Mac or PC (using your Apple ID and password) and press [Storage]; you will see the list of available devices/backups on the account:

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