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there isn't a way without the password, :(


One possibility to re-arrange accounts and folders in the sidebar of Thunderbird is provided by a Thunderbird extension: Manually sort folders 1.1 Screenshot (sorry for the German interface here, it also has an English interface):


Think twice before you do this. All your purchases, music, movies, TV shows, etc, will disappear from your purchases. I did that when moving from the UK to Australia. Now I'm trying to go back to the UK store and its also near impossible due to another subscription.


The best practice would be to have other users set up with their own logins on your Mac or to use the Guest account. They would never see your messages in that case. But, if you really wish to disable iMessages from appearing on your Mac: Go to Messages Open the Preferences Messages > Preferences or ⌘+, Go to the Accounts tab In the iMessage account ...

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