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If you had Find My iPhone enabled, then the thief would have needed to know your Apple ID login details to be able to remove it from iCloud. If you didn't, all they had to do was wipe it & it's gone.


If you call apple they can attempt to verify your identity if successfully they can send you a reset link after 24 hours to a email address


You can call apple support provide your Apple ID and once the advisor verifies your identity they can find out for you


Try this command dscl . list /Users | grep -v '^_' to show all users. Then see if there are users with your desired username already. If there are, you can delete them. Go to System Preference -> Users&Groups and delete all that you do not need.


I was having the exact same problem and here's what worked for me. Open Keychain Access make sure "login" is selected in the upper left under "Keychains" and manually delete every entry that is associated with google (any entry with google in the name, I deleted) Go back to Internet Accounts and add your google account. Worked for me, I hope it works for ...

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