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For Yosemite and newer, you can use sudo dscl . create /Users/UserName IsHidden 1 Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203998


From near the bottom of Redeem and use iTunes Gift Cards and content codes. You can't redeem purchased gifts outside of the country of purchase. For example, an iTunes Gift purchased in France can't be redeemed in an iTunes Store outside of France. So based on that statement I'd say the answer to your question is no. However I'd contact Apple ...


You can easily do this by managing apps for that user in Parental Controls. See this screen shot to limit apps. It is a per-app setting, so you need to maintain the list of allowed apps. The setting you posted in your question is for managing the code signing status of apps and not for restricting certain apps and certain user accounts.


rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone does this cmd remove the other admin account and all the info that are on it, or add a new admin account.


If you want all email send from one account (i.e. gmail) you can set that up in Mail preferences. Open Mail Preferences then select Composing: Now select your gmail in the "send new messages from:" Obviously in Mail you will need Yahoo and Gmail accounts. Alternatively you can use the "Reply to" in Mail app. For that Start a new mail and go View - ...


If you've got an iCloud account, you can remove it from all authorized systems by using this way: Go to: www.icloud.com Sign to your account from the web page. Go to iCloud Settings (by clicking on your account name at the top-right corner and clicking on "iCloud Settings".) Go to "Data & Security" settings, which is a subset of "Advanced" settings. ...

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