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Apple's Mail app stores the settings for SMTP servers apart from the settings for IMAP/POP3 servers. In my experience, this often leads to the fact that after deleting mail accounts, the SMTP servers are still visible in the connection doctor although all other data regarding a certain internet/email account have been removed. In case the connection doctor ...


When I tried to create a new apple ID using my email I was told that an account under that username or email already exists. So when I requested to change password I received an email in Vietnamese addressed to someone else. So I can confirm that someone can create an apple ID using anyone's email address.


For the beginners and mac newbies follow this detailed guide http://www.digitpage.com/temporarily-disable-user-account-mac-os-x/


You can boot your Mac into single user mode by holding Cmd-S key while the system startup mount when read & write mode mount -uw / you can create admin group and account by using dscl utility PS: This procedure does require you to type a fair number of commands, you can alternatively use the OS X setup assistant for recreating the admin account. To ...


Boot off the recovery partition, open up terminal, and type resetpassword That should bring up a dialog that will allow you to change your password and, maybe, set the account to admin. If you cannot set an account to admin, then you will need to reboot into single user mode (hold Cmd-S while starting up your Mac). When you get to the command line (black ...


You can create a new administrator account by restarting the Setup Assistant: Boot into Single User Mode ⌘ + S. Mount the drive by typing /sbin/mount -uw / then ↩ enter. Remove the Apple Setup Done file by typing rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone then ↩ enter. Reboot by typing reboot then ↩ enter. Complete the setup process, creating a new admin account.

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