2 of 3 Realising the the preference may be app-specific, not volume-specific.

How to regain warnings about permanent version storage?

With Preview in Mountain Lion, I carelessly checked the box –

[√] Do not show this message again

– imagining that the preference was for just one volume.

Then realised that the warning (the sheet):

  • no longer appears for Preview, with other volumes that do not support permanent version storage
  • continues to appear for apps other than Preview, with the volume where I don't require the warning.

In other words, I imagined wrong. The preference may be app-specific, not volume-specific.


  • how do I regain the warnings in Preview?

Already I sped through ~/Library/Preferences sorted by modification date, and opened a few files including com.apple.finder.plist but at a glance:

  • I can't find any .plist with content that includes the string revision

If the preference is elsewhere in com.apple.finder.plist: where?

(I'd prefer to not abandon that file – it's 35 KB with 3,417 lines.)

Also I viewed the content of recently modified .plist files relating to Preview. Unless I'm missing something, nothing relating to revisions, versions or storage.

Any other ideas on how to correct my mistake? – Thanks