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Will setting a cron job to delete ._ shadow files on a linux share work?

I recently tarred up a directory to send to a remote linux system. When I untarred it, there were ._ files tossed into the target directory.

I did a search and found articles of people being livid about this in 2003.

macosx forum on ._ files

What purpose does this serve on Mac OS X and can I tell it not to create these files?

The reason I ask is I am managing network shares where these files will land and am inclined to I set a cron job to periodically delete them. From my understanding this deletion will help since the files result from user-a setting a preference in a resource file, then user-b will be subjected to cross user contamination of preferences.

According to the forum link, if I block their creation, MacOS will freak, but that information is quite stale. Can someone point me to an up to date summary of these files? Will deleting the files have bad consequences when files return to OS X?