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When you rename or move folders or volumes on a Mac, do applications know the files moved.

Specifically, I have an external drive with a name, say "A very long long name", and I want to rename the drive to "Short-Name"

And inside that Drive, I have a folder with a long name which I want to rename to a shorter name.

Aperture is referencing these paths in a very large library (>100,000 images)


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Aperture will continue to look in the old location until you tell it differently. To do this:

  1. Quit Aperture before changing the volume/folder names.
  2. Make your changes in Finder.
  3. Reopen Aperture and go to Aperture > Preferences.
  4. Click General, if necessary.
  5. Under the Library Location option, click Choose.
  6. Locate your library and click Select.
  7. Quit Aperture and restart it.
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