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I have a 2TB, single-partitioned (HFS+) external drive which I connected to my MacBook Pro (10.8.4 Mountain Lion) for the first time. It prompted me if I wanted to use it as a Time Machine backup, and I said yes. I also checked the encryption option on. It seemed that it was progressing well, with the 'Preparing disk "LaCie" for encryption...' blue progress bar moving up to 80%. Then the drive seems to have stopped spinning, the progress bar doesn't move anymore, and diskutil cs list command returns:

dyld: DYLD_ environment variables being ignored because main executable (/usr/sbin/diskutil) has __RESTRICT/__restrict section
No CoreStorage logical volume groups found

Situation didn't change for two hours.

When this happened the first time, I powered off my drive, rebooted the machine (had to force kill System Preferences, and machine wouldn't power off at the white screen so had to hold down the power button). Gave the Time Machine setup/encryption another try after the reboot, but once again I'm stuck at 'Preparing disk "LaCie" for encryption...'

Is my trying to set up encrypted Time Machine backup going nowhere, or does the process just take a very long time? I searched regarding this issue, and some posters commented about the process taking long but they would actually see the percentage count increasing, after getting past the 'Preparing disk for encryption...' stage.

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