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I want to build a custom system image of OS X (say ML). I want to install it on the virtual machine (not really important). I want a never-boot image (i.e. not a preinstalled image) fully configured.

Under configuration I mean:

  1. additional packages (applications)
  2. system preferences (background image, language, keyboard, hot-keys, network config, change default MAC-addr. etc.)

So I would like to repack the installESD.dmg (from OS X Install Disk) so that it unpack the content and configure the installed system while the installation (better not after the system already installed => prepare all preferences in the image) All the tools like munki, simian, ard, deploystudio, casper, absolute manage, etc. are doing only the 1) part of what I want (only adding/removing packages + unattended install). But I never see smth. related to the second part (preconfigured preferences included to the install image). InstaDMG could be the solution, but I don't see any manual/tutorial for such a task I need.

Does somebody know a possible walkthrough for the kind of task?


I found now some interesting tutorials (did not completed them yet, but will do next time):

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