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I have a 17" MBP for about three years and couple of days ago I changed the battery with a new one in an Apple store. The problem is, charging stops at 87%, the charger led remains orange and remaining time until full charge raise to 20 hourse. Funny enough, when I check my battery status with coconut battery, my current capacity is higher than the design capacity of the battery.

I restarted the SMC and it didn't solve the problem. Also the lower bound of charge is not accurate as well (I left it disconnected from the charger and at 12% laptop suddenly was shut down without saving data which cause resetting date and time).

It seems either my charger can not handle the battery or it is a calibration problem but inaccuracy is very high (both on upper and lower charging bound) and any time I want to calibrate laptop has to do a panic shut down!

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Return the battery for exchange. – Buscar웃 Jul 28 '13 at 15:35
Sounds like calibration problem... If bought at Apple store return for exchange – Joop Jul 28 '13 at 15:46

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