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I have two Logitech MX510 mice, and two macs - an iMac and MBP. Recently, the former has started responding to mouse input jerkily and without any precision - to the point that it is almost unusable. Switching out the mouse, rebooting, etc make no difference.

Similarly, both mice function fine over a long period of time attached to the MBP. The only change I have made to the iMac (2012 gen, OSX10.8) is to install Crashplan - but I did this on the other computer too and that made no difference.

Is there anything I can do to flush out the settings for the mouse, and so return it to usability? The problem does not occur with the wireless magic mouse, or the wireless trackpad.


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Could you have different mouse drivers on the iMac than the MBP?

Try to install the drivers from Logitech, or remove them completely, see if that makes a difference. You can also install a 3rd party driver like USB Overdrive.

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