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I'm looking for web service or an app (or whatever) for iphone 5 for bookmarking urls from google chrome or safari browser. I don't want to use bookmarks integrated into these browsers.

Does anybody know something simple and easy to use service / app with web frontend where i can work with these bookmarks? E.g. bookmarking via e-mail message is probably the simplest way for me.

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I'm quite pleased with Pinboard. There are a number of browser extensions and apps that work with the API.

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This is not exactly what you're describing, but have you considered Instapaper? It has a simple javascript bookmarklet to make saving pages from Safari or Chrome easy, it has an app and a web interface that are both very solid, and it gives you stripped-down versions of every bookmark, for easier reading, as well as normal links. Could end up being what you're looking for.


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You can try out Pocket. It comes with browser extension which enables you to save your url to Pocket and also a native app on iOS for your reading pleasure.

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