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I recently saw this in a demonstration online in someones Terminal:

Path bar image

Notice the path-bar-like style of the prompt, any ideas how you can get that? Some kind of customisation I'd assume?

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You're looking for Powerline which originally came about as a Vim plugin (although the bash version has a different author). You need patched fonts to deal with the symbols. Like these


This screenshot is also using the Solarized theme I believe.

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That looks like it, any idea what theme it is? – Joshua Jul 11 '13 at 20:47
@Joshua see edit, my theme of choice as well – Keith Smiley Jul 12 '13 at 1:23

The prompt is defined by the PS1 environment variable which you can define in your ~/.profile file. For example to make it simply a "$" put this line in your .profile:

export PS1="$"

Then "source" (source ~/.profile) the file to make the changes active if you've edited it in a terminal or just open a new Terminal.

Details of the fancy special things you can insert there can be found by searching PS1, a good set of examples can be found at The Geek Stuff most examples are for Linux but it's nearly the same (possibly identical not 100% sure though)

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