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I burned a DVD on my MacBookPro running 10.6.8, using only utilities available on the Finder, that is, no 3rd party software was used, and nor did I use Disk Utility. The DVD was RW. All the source files are in AIFF format, and are listed by Finder with extension .aiff. The Unix command "file" says the files are "IFF data, AIFF-C compressed audio".

This plays back fine on various Macs with DVD readers. On our standard (non-computer) HiFi, it does not play.

But the most important thing is that my wife couldn't get it to play on a Windows machine at her university, even with the help of an IT technician, and she needed it for a class, so a slight disaster. Any advice? Do I need to buy some software for burning DVDs? What software?

And what is the advice for the same type of question, but for CDs instead of DVDs? Thanks David

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You write: "...using only utilities available on the Mac..." but provide no details about the process. Was it a Finder file drag & burn? DiskUtility? –  IconDaemon Jul 10 '13 at 15:01
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