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Short version: How do I control the colors of the bars in a bar chart in Keynote, so that each bar, representing a particular entity, retains its color no matter its position relative to the other bars after updating the chart?

Detailed version: I am using iWork '09. In Keynote I have a 3D bar chart showing an indicator for different companies (industry comparison). The companies are sorted in ascending order by revenue, so that the lowest bar (company with smallest revenue) is to the far left and the tallest - to the far right. I update the chart regularly. I have the following problem: each bar, representing a company, is in a particular color. When I update the chart, if the the order of the companies changes, the colors of the bars do not change, so that in the new chart the order of the colors is the same, although some or all of the bars now represent different companies. In other words: if in version 1 company A is in red and comes before company B which is in blue, if in the next version company A comes after company B, I want its bar to still be red. In the current situation, if company A comes after company B its bar will be blue and comapny B's will be red, i.e. red still comes before blue.

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