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I have a Mac and a PC, and I control both using a KVM switch, and so I have one set of keyboard/mouse/monitor. My keyboard has Apple function keys (brightness, Mission Control, Dashboard, iTunes keys, volume, etc.) and I'm wondering, is it possible to install certain Boot Camp drivers onto the PC running Windows 7 so that I can mimic volume control on the Windows computer as it appears on a Mac?

For instance, when changing volume on a Mac, the "pop" sound occurs to indicate the current volume level, and the icon appears on the screen to indicate the current volume level. Installing Boot Camp drivers on a Boot Camp partition introduces this as well. However, I'd like to get this same functionality on a Windows computer, not running in Boot Camp.

Which specific Boot Camp driver would I have to install to get this functionality?

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I found a volume controller for Windows called 3RVX 2 that seems to do the trick. I feel a bit more comfortable installing an app made specifically to do what I want, rather than take the somewhat-hacky route of installing specific Apple drivers on a non-Mac to get the same functionality. –  Gary Jul 9 '13 at 15:16
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