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I wonder, if there had been any more efforts in "re-casing" iMacs -- putting an iMac in a different case. The reason i ask is that a lot of older iMacs tend to overheat. My own iMac from mid 2006 (white-one, Intel, 24") is almost unusable because of this ... i have to increase the fan speed and deactivate a kernel extension of the grafics card to make it work, but that's not an ideal solution.

It's sad that a good machine like the iMac is unusable just because of the overheating problem -- there must be people that modded their iMacs, ... i am just unable to dig much useful up. The only things i found so far are someone who drilled holes in his iMac case and an old article from 2003 about recasing a powerpc iMac at xlr8yourmac.

I know, that there are important things to consider like power supply, external monitor and other stuff. So ...where are all those diy, case-modding, re-casing sites and tutorials?

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