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I always thought I knew a fair amount about iPhones/ iTunes etc but this has me stumped!!

I have a 16gb iPhone 5 running the latest version of iTunes on a Windows Laptop. I do not have iTunes Match.

Due to having 100gb of music on the laptop I have already 'checked' the following options in the iPhone 'summary'

  • Sync only ticked songs and videos
  • Manually manage music and videos

I then went into 'music' and unchecked all the artists, albums etc to the point it said 0 songs (in light grey next to where it says sync music)

So looking at that it should mean I have no songs selected, so none on my phone... BUT NO!

It is still telling me I have 5gb of audio! I have gone back and forth applying/ syncing/ checking/ unchecking in the hope I have overlooked something but I am now totally stuck on what to try next.

All I want to do is remove all songs from the phone and then put some fresh music back on.

Going mad, please help!!

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1 Answer

Assuming you're running the latest iOS (iOS6)

From the Home Screen, go to Settings > General > Usage

Wait while it loads your apps, then select music.

Then tap 'Edit' and delete your music.

enter image description here

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