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I know how to configure notifications and have all of them disabled for everything except the Phone, Reminders, Calendar and Messages because whatever I am doing at the moment is ALWAYS more important than anything that any of the other apps on my phone might want to notify me about, be it with a push notification, in the notification center, a banner notification or, even, a badge. I don't want any of that for anything but the four apps listed above.

Unfortunately, the Facebook app asks me if I would like to enable push notifications quite regularly. As my 9-year old sons says, "No means no!". Is there some way to persuade the Facebook app that I really, REALLY do not want to enable push notifications and WILL NEVER, EVER change my mind about that?

For bonus points, can I get the Game Center app to never, ever, under any circumstances, log me in to the Game Center? Like, ever :-)

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We prefer the one (1) question at the time since that allows search engines (including Google) to find it (and the associated answers) ! – Buscar웃 Jul 2 '13 at 20:59
Thanks for the response Buscar! The second question was more of a joke as I am sure it is impossible. Upon reflection, I think my original question is really a Facebook App question, not an iOS question. Facebook has decided there app should bug me about enable push notifications periodically if I have not allowed. This was a poor design choice on there part. If an app asks if it can bug me and I say "no thanks", the app should NOT continue to ask for permission to bug me! – Jim Clark Jul 5 '13 at 12:38

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