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I recently installed Windows 7 on my late-2012 Mac Mini running OS X 10.8.4. There were no problems with the installation of Windows or the Boot Camp support files. I was able to use the Boot Camp Control Panel to set my keyboard so that function keys control applications.

I then installed the 150 or so recommended updates using Windows Update. Afterward, several of the function keys (F1, F2, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12) do not control applications. The Boot Camp item is no longer in the system tray and I am unable to find anything for it in Control Panel.

I thought that reinstalling the support files might fix the problem, so I inserted the USB drive containing the Windows 7 and Boot Camp files, then ran the setup program in the Boot Camp folder. After answering Yes at the UAC prompt, I got this error:

Boot Camp installer completed.

The installer encountered errors before Boot Camp could be configured. To retry these operations at a later time, please run the installer again.

Any suggestions on how I can fix the keyboard issue and/or reinstall the Boot Camp support files? Thanks.

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