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Do the new (2011) MacBook Pros work with Apple's Remote Control?

I'm little confused because the Apple Store offers me an Apple Remote when I try buying a new MacBook Pro, but I don't see any information about support for that remote in the MacBook Pro's description.

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From the Manual for the 13inch, here is a picture that shows you where the IR port is located.

Basic Features of MacBook Pro

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This is a proof, which I want! thx – MicTech Mar 4 '11 at 14:01

Yes it does support it. You can verify this information because when you go to the apple store and select a new model, one of the accesories you can add to your purchase is the apple remote. They wouldn't add that if you couldn't use it :)

I assume the IrDA port is there @ the front of the machine, possible hard to see in the official pictures.

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Yes it does. If you have the dock which supports it try not to put them close as it's the closest IR connection to you that picks it up!

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