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Is there an e-mail client that has all the features I desire:

Must have:

  • Exchange support
  • PGP
  • Gmail integration without application specific password
  • configurable filters to disable "show message in a conversation"
  • window modality (or whatever it is called, in any case unlike so you can browse your inbox even when you have an draft open)

Nice to have:

  • Google calendar integration for accepting invites

What I have tried and why they have failed:

    • You cannot do anything else when writing an email. Seriously?!
    • Gmail integration. Need to redo my app-specific password few times a week.
  • Sparrow
    • Lacking native exchange (could be forgiven...)
    • No PGP
  • Postbox
    • No exchange. Also cannot handle exchange mail server over IMAP OOTB so that it could show mails in my inbox. Cannot really be arsed to figure out what the settings should be.
    • No PGP
  • Opera mail
    • No PGP
  • Claws mail
    • Not a native application, results to having horrible usability
  • Airmail
    • No PGP

Currently in queue for testing:

  1. Mozilla thunderbird
  2. Eudora OSE
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Which email clients have you tried so far? – jaume Jun 27 '13 at 13:13
jaume, he already stated what he tested. @OP what do you mean by "You cannot do anything else when writing an email. Seriously?!"? – napcae Dec 27 '13 at 11:20
@napcae - in OS X mail, if you have a compose window open, you cannot browse your inbox or read other e-mails until you close it. – Kimvais Jan 2 '14 at 6:19
That's certainly not true. It works perfectly fine for me. I can browse and read mails, while writing another. – napcae Jan 3 '14 at 23:36

Check if maybe Sparrow supports everything, I use it only for Gmail and it is great. Unfortunately Sparrow development stopped last year with aquisition from Google.

Alternative is Airmail new client, that takes a lot from Sparrow, but is actively developed.

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I like thunderbird. That's all :)
Very nice that mozilla place os x version.
Why thunderbird?
Because it have many features of good mail browser and good rss reader. Also it can be used as calender browser.

Here take a look on the mozilla thunderbird

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I recommend Airmail, it's what I currently use :D

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Can you share some more details about this app, especially comparing it's features with the list of requirements stated in the question? I just had a quick look at the webpage and it seems that neither PGP nor Exchange are supported. – patrix Jun 28 '13 at 6:58

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