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My biggest problem is: cmd ⌘K (Connect to Server…) just doesn't work (neither does it exist in the "Go" menu in Finder). When I hit cmd ⌘K in Finder it just gives me an error beep (sounds more like a "boup"). I want to connect to a Windows network and it works fine on my 10.8 iMac at work (with cmd ⌘K and then typing the correct adress) but doesn't on my home MacBook white with 10.6.8 running. Why does cmd ⌘K not work here? Though on both machines the VPN connection works fine. How do I get the option to connect to a server via cmd ⌘K back?

Next thing I tried was connecting via command line with
mount -t smbfs //username:password@server\folder and
mount -t smbfs //username:password@server/folder.

Both didn't seem to work, just gave me the message:

usage: mount [-dfruvw] [-o options] [-t ufs | external_type] special node
       mount [-adfruvw] [-t ufs | external_type]
       mount [-dfruvw] special | node

Can you help me to get connected to the server?

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This question has some suggestions for enabling the missing menu option (that question is about 10.7, but worth a try).

I think the command line version isn't working because you need to provide a final argument, specifying where to mount the shared directory locally. On my 10.6.8 machine, man mount_smbfs gives this example:

mount -t smbfs //username:userpass@myserver/PUBLIC /smb/public
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Woohoo, that one worked! Thank you!!! And as I see now, my question maybe could bet set to 'duplicate'... – leymannx Jun 28 '13 at 16:32

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