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I've had this Airport Extreme for about three years. Recently I moved into a new house with a new internet service. It connected to the CenturyLink router (Actiontec C1000A) in bridged mode and worked fine for a couple of days. Then it randomly stopped. Light was still green, but it wouldn't accept any wireless connections (connection timed out) and I couldn't reach it through Airport Utility. For some reason I was finally able to reach it after unplugging the Airport Express that was configured to extend the network, but I wasn't able to get it configured in a way that would work with the two routers. Airport Utility wouldn't see the router anymore.

So I did a factory reset on the Airport Extreme and now Airport Utility only shows it under "Other Wi-Fi Devices" and when I try to connect to it, "An unexpected error occurred". What is wrong with my Airport Extreme? Is it actually something wrong with my computer? Can it be fixed? What is the best way to then configure the Airport Extreme to provide service downstream of the full router built into the modem?

UPDATE: I was finally able to edit the configuration with a different computer. I'd guess that my computer was somehow expecting information it wasn't getting and I should find some way to delete all of Airport Utility's remembered data. Anyway it's working now in bridged mode, but I still want to know why it stopped working and whether I even have any other options; DHCP+NAT it complains about double NAT even if I disable NAT and DHCP on the modem, DHCP only I can't figure out at the moment.

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Maybe, just maybe someone could answer this if you provide specific information like the setup? Does it work if you use direct connection (no bridging)? – Buscar웃 Jun 23 '13 at 0:06
Does your update indicate you no longer have a question? It's not clear if we can help further... – bmike Jan 5 '14 at 2:42
My update indicates that although my question was not answered satisfactorily, the underlying problem no longer exists. I really don't want to even try messing with it right now for fear of messing up the delicate peace that's been reached with my networking equipment. – meustrus Jan 6 '14 at 15:55

Does this recent thread on AppleStackEchange shed any light? We talk about AEX responding well to older version of Airport Utility.

Also, be aware, the factory reset on the AEX is tricker than it seems. Works best when button depressed 5-10 sec before sliding AEX into its base, while holding 5-10 sec. more.

As to which version of AEX works with your router, or if it does so reliably at all, see your docs or search web. First version wasn't as forgiving.

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