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I got a new Mac Book Pro, (not retina) and the battery indicator is only showing 98%.

Is this something of concern?

I have found this:

Sit and watch it constantly, this will take some hours, it will charge to 100% from time to time, usually just a little less (like 98, or 96) in order to protect the battery from overcharging.

But I was looking for something official, but couldn't find it. And the official "battery link" doesn't say anything about this:

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I haven't found "official" information on this, both my 2007 Macbook and my 2011 Macbook Pro will rarely show a 100% charge, I assume it's normal behaviour.

Take into account that the battery measurement is only an estimate so even if it shows 100% it does not mean that the battery has reached exactly full charge.

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