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Is it possible to see the full license (terms of use) of iOS Enterprise Developer Program before going through the whole process of enrollment to the program?

I know that you can see the license during the process of enrollment to the program but this is at the end of this process, after company verification, etc. However, I would like to check some details in terms of use before going through the whole process. I was looking for this document but found nothing.

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Take a look at the iOS Developer Enterprise Program FAQ. The key points are:

  • No ability to distribute apps on the App Store.
  • Only allows you to distribute your apps to employees or members of your organization through Ad Hoc distribution.
  • The program is for companies/organizations to develop and distribute proprietary in-house apps to their employees.
  • If you want to develop for other company than yours, that other company should enroll in the program and add you to their development team.
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You can get all the details about iOS Enterprise Developer Program in the URL below.


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I have seen this page but unfortunately there are not as many details there as I would like to see. I would like to read in detail what Apple understands as "App for Internal Usage". –  Piotr Jun 14 '13 at 11:21
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