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I'm using iPhone as a modem.

Is there a way to port forward to my computer because I'm using it as a development server.

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When using your iPhone as a modem, I don't believe your iPhone does NAT, so I don't think port forwarding should be necessary. Or, it may be that your wireless carrier is doing NAT on their router, so you won't be able to do port forwarding because you don't control the NAT gateway. For instance, I know that wireless carrier O2 in the UK does NAT on their own router, so all their wireless data customers are behind NAT.

What IP address does your Mac get on its interface that's connected to the iPhone?
What does the output of traceroute look like?
What IP address is reported by services like ?

Even if it turns out that you're behind your carrier's NAT, you might be able to connect back into your development server if you use MobileMe's Back To My Mac feature to advertise the services you want to connect to. Back To My Mac automatically handles many NAT traversal problems.

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