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On every window, there are 3 buttons colored red, yellow, and green. When you hover over the green, it becomes a plus sign. I want the keyboard shorcut for that. I know that cmd+w seems to be the red one. It does not always work but most often than not, it will close the window. Cmd+H is minimize. What is the third one?

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You can assign a custom shortcut for the Zoom menu item in System Preferences:

Or if you want to always maximize windows to fill a screen, see this question.

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Instead of <Command>-M, which conflicts with the shortcut assigned to Minimize, use something more exotic, like <Command><Option><Control>-M. Needless to say, instead of M you can use a letter of your choice, like Z (for zoom). – jaume Jun 3 '13 at 10:05

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