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While watching iTunes-purchased video content (TV/movies), I periodically see a quick flash of the gray/white DRM checkerboard that iTunes shows when you're trying to watch video while screen-sharing.

The gist:

  • Mac mini Mid-2012 (10.8.3) with locally-stored iTunes library
  • Screen sharing is enabled, but not active when this occurs
  • Sometimes it's a flicker about one frame in duration
  • Sometimes mid-video the checkerboard appears and stays.
    • When this occurs, scrubbing the video back some fixes it.
  • It never seems to happen in the same location in a video twice.

I would, of course, appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to keep this from happening. It's really quite jarring.


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I have the same behavior. If you turn off the Screen Sharing service in System Preferences > Sharing, it will cure the issue. Turning it back on will again present the intermittent flashes of CPHD checkerboard during playback. Must be a bug - gonna call AppleCare and get them to file a bug report.

Yep, this fixes it. A shame. I'm glad there's a way to remotely enable/disable Screen Sharing in case I leave it off and need to control the machine. –  MikeyWard Jul 26 '13 at 1:40

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