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I'm looking to do some mobile, mobile web development. When I switch networks using the Ubuntu Linux VM I am using to do this, I store my /etc/networking/interfaces and dnsmasq settings in a git repository.

Each branch in the repository represents the ip settings of another location where I might move my laptop when doing development. Included in the /etc/networking/interfaces settings is the ip of my local dnsmasq dns server. (which will be the ip address of the development machine in all honesty...)

But! This solution is not enough. I also need to be able to quickly and easily switch my iPhone to point to my development box's dns server. I'm aware of the Wifi setting, but they can't be modified quickly enough. I'd like to have an app that stores the settings directly and that will store the static ip addresses of the dns server on my Linux machine and my iphone iphone directly based on the network that I'm connecting to, and change the settings within the iPhone.

Does an app like this exist?

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