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We're currently doing PCI compliance, and one of the requirements is that mobile devices that have access to systems involved in processing card data have personal firewall software installed which can't be disabled by the person using the computer.

The only mobile computers we have which that requirement applies to belong to our system administrators, and they're all MBPs running ML. Since they're sysadmins, they've got admin access to their Mac.

Since the solution needs to be locked with something other than the admin password, I think at least the enforcement solution will be 3rd-party.

I've had a couple of endpoint protection vendors promise me a solution only to fall through when we tried it out (in particular, Symantec), and now I'm stuck.

Does anyone know of something that will meet this requirement in OS X?

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No matter what you use, even if it uses a different auth method, as admins on said computer they could bypass it. – demure May 24 '13 at 21:29

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