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mountain lion server offers the possibility to publish calendars. Such a calendar (I assume an ics file) could be published on a webserver that could be hosted on the same mountain lion server. Everything could be fairly easily done via iCloud. But let's assume that I would like to publish a calendar on my own hosted osx server and that I would like allow access for a selected group of people only, who have an account on this server can access the calendar.

This triggered a few questions, related to the web server settings in

  • What are reasonable settings in the for 'Websites'

    • what is a good location to store the calendar files (should they be straight under '/' or in a dedicated folder at a certain location in the directory)?
    • there is a setting for "Who can access" -- will this be sufficient to allow access to only the selection of users that I would like to have access?
  • currently, I have a static IP via dyndns. Based on what I currently understand, the dyndns URL can be used as a domain name? How would it be possible to have the calendars be available under a sub-domain (something like '')?

  • which ports need to be open? Would this be a security issue? And what could be done to minimize issues?

Are there other settings / things that I should consider?

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