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Is there any free RSS reader client for Mac that can give me a notification if there are new posts to read?

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If I understand your question correctly, NetNewsWire does this.

It's free, but ad-supported; you can pay extra to remove the ads.

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Its a good RSS reader but It automatically refresh only after 30 mins... I need a reader that can refresh after 5 mins – Saurabh Feb 25 '11 at 7:09

Though it will eventually be a paid app in the Mac App Store, the Reeder beta is currently free. It's a very well-designed, highly polished app that's actually gotten me back into reading RSS feeds:

If you need a notification for new posts to read, you can configure Reeder to display a count of unread RSS items in the dock:

enter image description here

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Use and set it up as a filter in Mail Preferences->RSS.

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NewsFire has Growl integration.

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Or you can use Google Chrome and the Google Reader Notifier.

Hopefully Google will build this in reader in the next update. Google Mail already has this build in.

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