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I handle most of my email through Gmail's web interface either in Firefox or Chrome.

Often I would like to print -> PDf -> mail pdf to a customer. However the Mail PDF option in the print panel opens up a Mail.app compose window.

Instead I would like this to open a compose panel in whatever browser currently has a copy of Gmail running.

At present I can print directly to PDF, then in Gmail compose, attach, comment, send, then delete the PDF.

An alternative not quite as good solution from my perspective would be for Mail to track the contacts from Gmail so that a few characters would auto complete. But that solution also eludes me.

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Not sure I clearly understand your question but here it is what I understand.

I am forwarding existing message from mail.com using Print as PDF file using gmail.

enter image description here

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No. This is using Mail to a gmail account. I want to be able to use the GMail web interface. The google application Notifier can do this for mailto: links in web pages, but does not do this for the print service. I do not want ANY aspect of Apple Mail.app to poke it's head up over the horizon. In particular the Gmail web interface automatically adds anyone I have ever sent an email to, to my contacts list, so starting to type an address in the To: field autocompletes, or presents a choice. The Mail interface doesn't do this. –  Sherwood Botsford May 11 '13 at 17:55
Sorry, I did not pay attention to specifics in your question. I do not know how to do that with web version of gmail. FYI...Apple mail will do all that (what you described) and much more. –  Buscar 웃 May 11 '13 at 20:37
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The only way that I know how to accomplish this is to use Mailplane which is a commercial Mac app for using Gmail's web interface.

It has its own "Mail PDF with Mailplane" service which comes as part of the app:

Mail PDF with Mailplane

There's no way that I know of to automate the process of attaching a PDF (or any other file) to Gmail through a web browser. You're going to need a Mac app for that. That either means setting up an email client such as Mail.app (which means duplicating contacts, etc) or Mailplane (which will let you use your existing contacts).

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