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there's a lot of excellent questions about window management here, and great answers. Like this one What Window Management Options exist for OS X?

But I still can't find a reliable answer to my "simple" need of saving window locations in a multi-monitor setup.

I'd like to continue where I got off (or some saved state), after disconnecting and reconnecting my Macbook pro retina (mountain lion 10.8) to two external monitors.

The number is important, with 2 external monitors, you always (dis-)connect one at a time (laws of physics). I often need to disconnect the laptop, either because of business or for lax-work in the couch. This is becoming increasingly frustrating

I'd like a proven answer. Don't just name-drop something you read online. You should have 2 external monitors (or more), just like me, actively using the solution you propose.

No more "scrambled windows" for breakfast. Appreciated !

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