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For example, so I can test different USB ports on my computer and powered hubs to see if one charges my iPhone faster than another.

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If you don't want this to be duplicate, feel free to edit in you want to get this data from the device itself or from a computer other than Mac. – bmike May 9 '13 at 18:31

Since iOS can indicate the charge in percentages, you could simply get a pencil and some graph paper and wake the screen periodically and record the displayed percentages to fit that data to a charging curve.

We have some questions about getting the charge rate programmatically in iTunes, and you could ask if there is an API (private or public) by opening a question on but for users (as opposed to developers), the answer is no. You can't get a log file of the charge status directly from a computer or the device itself.

Here are some related questions that may help:

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