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I kind of like iPhoto 8, but it's unmantained, is there an alternative that:

  • runs on 10.6
  • imports iPhoto library (events, albums, Facebook albums, hidden photos), and works more or less like iPhoto itself
  • is actively mantained
  • if it's not free, it offers an almost-fully working demo, i.e. limited in time but not in features (to be sure it actually works)
  • if it's not free, it has a reasonable price (i.e. 5~15€)

My problem with iPhoto itself is that the newer version requires 10.7, and the version I'm using has some very annoying bugs, such as every time I click on a Facebook album, it resets its privacy to "friends only".

(likely such a software doesn't exist, but searching for such a topic brings up such a mess that I'm not sure, it might be well hidden)

If you know of a program which doesn't have all these features, but have most of them, feel free to list it anyway (no Picasa).

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Have you looked into Picasa? It has built in support for importing from iPhoto libraries. Release notes for v. 3.9 here.

You may not want to join the Google universe, though. Resistance is futile.

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I've tried to use Picasa a few times, and I've always been very disappointed. Terrible software IMHO. By the way, I use plenty of Google products (Gmail, Android, calendar, gtalk, groups, reader, etc.) so I can safely say I'm not exactly biased towards them ;) – o0'. May 3 '13 at 20:18
Why the down vote 5 months later? – IconDaemon Oct 22 '13 at 21:32

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