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Anyone help me with a strange startup problem after a bad crashing on my 2006 imac, was watching video on the imac and it suddenly just crashed and frozen system.

Ever since it boots to apple screen and then seems to load eg progress cirle lines loading then just as it usually flicks to desktop it seems to stay on a completely white screen with nothing on.

So far tried booting from x2 different different bootable external hard drive, one has 10.6 install and other 10.7. 10.6 bootable drive shows up via holding down alt key and once pressed seem to be loading from external drive, does the same thing about to flick to desktop and just stay on completely white screen. 10.7 boot disk does't work on this imac due to age i think as get no entry sign once it trys to boot via that drive.

I need to dig out my DVD external as imac my is dead to test a boot up via DVD using 10.6, but seems to be problem with imac getting to desktop screen no matter what method or hard drive i boot from.

Anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? I get hard drive icons for imac and icons for externals when i hold down alt key at start up and all seem to move when i select them via arrow keys, so this must mean screen is ok right?


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