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I've used the Keyboard Viewer a few times, and disappointingly have never seen the "space" character:

Is it possible to type this character directly via some combination of meta keys (option/shift)?

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There doesn't seem to be any way to insert it using the default U.S. input source or other normal keyboard layouts:

$ grep -r '␣' /Volumes/Ukelele\ 2.2.4/System\ Keyboards/

Unicode Hex Input is the only keylayout that uses multipliers. If you use Unicode Hex Input, you can insert by typing 2423 while holding option.

Or create ~/Library/KeyBindings/ and save a property list like this as DefaultKeyBinding.dict:

    "~S" = (insertText:, "␣"); // option-shift-s

You could also make a new keyboard layout or add characters to the press and hold popovers. I'm currently using an AppleScript (posted in this question) to insert special characters and plain text snippets.

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This is really nice information. Since I'm bad at memorizing Unicode keycodes, and KeyBindings are unlikely to be synchronized, I implemented it into TextExpander, like I've already done that for ⌘ and ‽ and ∞. But this information is amazing. Thank you very much for it. – Jason Salaz Apr 28 '13 at 22:12

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