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This is a followup to the Stack Overflow question, Why does there appear to be a different number of unique colors available on the Mac as compared to Windows?

How can I turn off anti-aliasing on a Mac, either through manual settings or, more preferably, while doing a screen capture (i.e., when I capture the screen, I need the raw data without anti-aliasing algorithms applied)?

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You can manually turn off font-antialiasing with this terminal command:

defaults write CoreGraphics CGFontDisableAntialiasing YES

to turn antialiasing back on again use this:

defaults write CoreGraphics CGFontDisableAntialiasing NO
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Thanks for Quick response. Even with Anti Aliasing OFF, i see around 250 different colors for small block of text. Is there any way to get less unique colors for same block, as On Windows it shows only 2 colors for same block with Anti Aliasing Off. Appreciate your quick responses. – user3873 Feb 24 '11 at 7:03

Does the Command + Option + \ helps?

This option keys disable the Anti Aliasing when doing the Zoom (using Ctrl + Scroll)

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