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I do web development on my Mac and I tend to have lots of windows open. Even per application, I tend to have multiple windows opened (ie a Terminal window for tail -f error logs, one for ssh, and one for local commands).

When I switch applications with tab, the visual effect on focused window is subtle and I often get confused and perform commands on the wrong window. For example, I switch to Terminal and do w to close a tab on the tail -f command, but I accidentally closed the ssh tab!

Is there a Mac program that will highlight or do some more effects on a focused window when I switch applications?

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If a paid app is ok, HazeOver darkens everything but the active window slightly.

Note that I haven't used it, so I can't speak to it. It has a 4 star review, but the only review for the latest version is negative.

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It's been updated recently and has 5 stars for current version. – pointum Jun 4 at 23:04

This is Mavericks specific, but Honer will draw a border around the active window. You might also want to combine it with this app that removes window shadows.

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Also works on Yosemite, and is exactly what I wanted, thanks a lot. – chmac Mar 30 at 10:41

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