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So I stupidly bought a USB on eBay with leopard on it to install on my PowerBook G4. Finding out afterward that I can't boot to a usb on this 12" 1.5Ghz 512MB with combo drive PowerBook G4.

So I have a desktop with Ubuntu 12.10 on it that can see the files on the USB. I was wondering if there was a way to extract the files on this USB and burn them to a DVD that I can boot to on my PowerBook. I know that I can exclude Xcode and some language and printer drivers to get it down to 4.7 GB, but every time I try and burn the files to a DVD (using k3b) it doesn't boot.

And to make sure it wasn't something with the combo drive I made a PPC version of Ubuntu and it was able to boot that, but I don't want Ubuntu on this thing I want Mac OS X. Is there some settings that I need to set to properly boot this disk?

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Apple did not produce Leopard on a USB - so you have been done - I would get a refund, and report the seller to ebay –  Mark Apr 19 '13 at 18:58
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