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I'm a new user of iPod Nano and a senior so this is all fairly intimidating. I synced my iPod Nano the other day and after charging my device and safely removing it, when I reconnected the iPod, I discovered my entire music library was gone from iTunes. The only music remaining is what I've purchased from iTunes store. My iPod still has the entire library intact (including playlists) but syncing the device now will delete that library as well (I think).

How do I transfer the library from my iPod to iTunes?

I clicked on the iCloud icon and found my library but I can't transfer any of it to playlists. Can I somehow access the library in the iCloud and put it back in my iTunes Music?

Is there somewhere I can get answers to this dilemma? Thanks in advance.

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When you mention the Cloud, do you mean that you have an iTunes Match subscription? Knowing that will help us diagnose the problem. – Dan J Apr 18 '13 at 18:18

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