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The Munki Managed Software Update tries to update a program I've intentionally deleted, yet there doesn't seem to be a way to permanently ignore the update.

Tried right-clicking the item. This doesn't seem to work. Also I tried rummaging trough drop-down menus, but there doesn't seem to be any option for ignoring or skipping a specific update.

Even tried looked trough the System option for software updates, but I don't really want to turn off the automatic search for new updates. I just want to ignore this specific update.

Lastly I tried running some terminal commands with managedsoftwareupdate --help in the Munki folder, but I didn't find any usable options...

Is there maybe a solution in some obscure bash command or some kind of hidden systems file? I'd love to hear about it, because this is really starting to bug me...

Note: This is a different question to the one asked about App Store.

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Did you look in the ManagedInstallDir –  Buscar 웃 Apr 18 '13 at 10:34
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