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In Terminal afplay -h shows full help text but the man page shows hardly nothing.

Is there any way to get a longer help page for man afplay?

I never use Terminal and it would be much easier if i could see this longer complete man page in Man Viewer or if there would be some kind of AppleScript or unix script which reads it from somewhere and then shows it or re-writes the man page.

Some other unix apps has this problem too and it would be nice if it works for all apps with short man page.

I wanted to use afplay long time ago, but when i saw its short man page i didn't start to use it because i didn't know it has all those settings which are listed in Terminal.

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What is exactly your question. You get the help with your first command where is the problem ? – Matthieu Riegler Apr 17 '13 at 6:16

No afplay comes with a short (incomplete) man page.

You could open a bug report request but I doubt it will taken into consideration or you could use the content of the afplay -h to re-write the man page.

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