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I have a Sharp VL-E49 video camera. How do I transfer the video from my camera to my MacBook Pro?

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That model number is the battery number, it appears. Can you give the model of the camera itself? – Nathan Greenstein Feb 21 '11 at 23:35
Yes, please give the model of the camera. – daviesgeek Aug 20 '11 at 16:44

What connections does the camcorder have? Use USB or FireWire, depending on what the camcorder has, to connect it to your computer.

It should appear as a white or orange volume on your desktop. You can probably double-click it and copy the video files to your computer.

Alternatively, if the camcorder records to a memory card, you can get a USB card reader. Connect the reader to your computer, put in the card, and it should appear on your desktop as above.

If you can give more info, we can provide a more-detailed explanation.

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It looks like your camera is an older camera; Sharp doesn't make cameras any more. From what I can tell, the model number is for the battery, but I looked at the model numbers of the cameras the battery supported, luck.
My guess is that it is a Mini DV tape. What you need to do is connect it via Firewire to your MBP. This could be tricky, because the MBP only has Firewire 800. The camera most likely came with a Firewire 400 cord. You'll need something like this adapter.
Once you have it plugged in, open up iMovie, and switch to camera mode.

Camera mode in iMovie '11

Camera mode in iMovie HD ('06)

Open up iMovie and click "Capture" (iMovie '11), or "Import" (iMovie HD). It should start the tape playing and the computer recording. If this doesn't work, comment and let me know.

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