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Question in title. Is there any way for such configuration? OR at least that files are stored only on one computer. Of course I am aware that I can use internet browser version of dropbox, but I would like to use the desktop one, but exactly in the way a browser version works, i.e. without losing hard drive space.

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If you use the Chrome web browser you can use a Chrome app: Dropbox for Chrome. Then there's also the option to selectively sync folders under Dropbox Preferences > Advanced. However, if you do not sync the folders to your Mac, you will not be able to browse them locally. Therefore, you'd end up using the menu icon to access the web interface without a password. Finally, if you do not want to sync Dropbox locally you must use some kind of web interface! What's better than a web browser? – gentmatt Apr 12 '13 at 20:26
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The short answer to this is: No. As far as I'm aware, you can't mount your Dropbox account as some sort of remote file share - its synced files are always written to your local disk.

That said, you can change the location of the Dropbox folder away from its default of ~/Dropbox, so if you have a separate internal or external disk you could put the Dropbox folder there.

You may encounter problems if Dropbox occasionally can't access the detached volume holding its folder, however. See here:

Your Dropbox folder must be available when your computer boots and before the Dropbox desktop application starts. Some USB drives, for example, take some time to mount before your computer recognizes them. The Dropbox desktop application could start before such a drive is ready and get confused. You will receive an error and Dropbox will give you the opportunity to relink your Dropbox account or exit if it is unable to find your Dropbox folder.

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The latest version (3) of expandrive makes this possible. I just tested it and am very satisfied: very easy to setup and the folder navigation is very reactive (which was not the case with DropDAV). Plus it works with many other services (google drive, box, etc.).

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You can use a third party service like Otixo or DropDAV that will allow you to connect through webdav protocol. Unfortunately I don't know anything free.

Anyway after you have create your account you have just to press cmd+k in the finder and connect to the server using the new credentials. This will mount a virtual drive with Dropbox content. You can also mount the drive at startup adding it into login items list.

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Here is the solution. Dropbox is great! Selective syncing.

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Thank you for your contribution. However, please summarize data outside StackExchange and quote them here, as the link could die, and nobody could learn from your answer – TheBro21 Oct 2 '15 at 20:03

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